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Month: October, 2014

Cluster Replication With Paxos

In my last post I made the case for the defence of the Paxos Algorithm. In this post we will delve into a tough problem which Paxos solves; state replication across a cluster of replicas using atomic broadcast. It turns out that maintaining primary ordering on secondary servers is straightforward to achieve using Paxo without affecting correctness or efficiency. This may be a surprising result to any reader who has looked at ZAB and Raft. You don’t need an external leader election service as used in the Spinnaker or PaxStore papers. You send the highest committed, and highest proposed, log stream sequence counter during leader failover, and introduce optional, ignorable, retransmission requests. The techniques described in this article are used by the Trex Paxos library.

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The Trial Of Paxos Algorithm

The Paxos Consensus Algorithm gets a bad rap. I think there is something quite beautiful, simple and intuitive hiding within Paxos; collaboration. Raft which was designed as a replacement restores the master-slave concept to supremacy. That may be a pragmatic thing to do yet I do not consider the master-slave model elegant (note: this is a subjective statement of my aesthetic taste not a statement of utility). Given all the bad press Paxos gets I worry that people will skip over it and miss out on enjoying its elegance before moving onto alternatives. They may then fail to use Paxos for the wrong reasons else avoid it in scenarios where it may be better suited than alternatives. Read the rest of this entry »