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Month: January, 2016

TRex: A Paxos Replication Engine (Part 2)

The last post gave a high level overview of TRex an embeddable Paxos engine for the JVM. In this second post we will take a high level walk through a Java demo that wraps a trivial stack to deploy it replicated across a cluster of nodes.  Read the rest of this entry »

TRex: A Paxos Replication Engine (Part 1)

A previous post laid out how the Paxos parliament algorithm as described in the 2001 paper Paxos Made Simple can be applied to state replication across a cluster of servers.  This post is the first part of a series that will give an overview of an embeddable Paxos state replication engine called TRex. TRex is a replication engine, not a dinosaur, implemented in Scala. It can be easily layered over the top of an existing service to provide strongly consistent replicas with automatic failover to achieve fault tolerance. Alternatively, you can bake the low-level library code into your application and use your own customised IO logic to give peak performance. You can fork the accompanying code over on GitHub.  Read the rest of this entry »

Paxos For Master Leases

A topic not yet covered on this blog series on Paxos are leader/master leases. A quick search through The Part-Time Parliament paper for ‘leases’ won’t find anything; you need to search for “cheese inspector”. Read the rest of this entry »

Paxos Uses Leaders (Multi-Paxos is the Parliament Protocol and Basic-Paxos isn’t)

A common misconception about the Paxos Algorithm is that it doesn’t use a leader. With this world view the Paxos algorithm is an enimic peer-to-peer algorithm which is impractical and it has to be extended with a separate flavour called Multi-Paxos to do anything useful. This is a back-to-front world-view which is often put up as a strawman by advocates of aggressively marketed alternatives.  Read the rest of this entry »