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Paxos For Master Leases

A topic not yet covered on this blog series on Paxos are leader/master leases. A quick search through The Part-Time Parliament paper for ‘leases’ won’t find anything; you need to search for “cheese inspector”. Read the rest of this entry »

Paxos Uses Leaders (Multi-Paxos is the Parliament Protocol and Basic-Paxos isn’t)

A common misconception about the Paxos Algorithm is that it doesn’t use a leader. With this world view the Paxos algorithm is an enimic peer-to-peer algorithm which is impractical and it has to be extended with a separate flavour called Multi-Paxos to do anything useful. This is a back-to-front world-view which is often put up as a strawman by advocates of aggressively marketed alternatives.  Read the rest of this entry »